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The Reusable Rocket is Finally Real

Vastly covered, nevertheless impressive engineering by the Blue Origin team that managed (in contrary to SpaceX) to bring back a rocket in one piece.
“The Shepard space vehicle reached thee edge of space at a suborbital altitude of 100.5 kilometers. The capsule then separated and touched down beneath a parachute but the BE-3 rocket also started its own descent. After the rockets fired at nearly 5,000 feet, it made a a controlled vertical landing at a gentle 4.4 mph.” Wicked!

Vintage Poster from Space

NASA (man they are good) has published some vintage poster in high-res for you to download showing gravity and exoplanets Kepler 16b/186f, sweet! The private Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) also jumped on the bandwagon with 3 vintage travel poster to make you more interested in real estate on mars.

HD 40307g preview Vintage Poster from Space
Kepler 16b preview Vintage Poster from Space
17071818163 d979de68cf z Vintage Poster from Space
credit: NASA/SpaceX

More (real) vintage poster available at National Geographic!