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Found meteorites between 1900 & 2000

Mr. Kim Albrecht seems to be right up my alley merging scientific facts and phenomenas in very nice and meaningful visualizations. His website reveals a lot of very interesting stuff, for example a very detailed map wit hall meteores found from 1900-2000. He also explains “how the USA are constantly searching for meteorites over the last 100 years. The strategic searches in Libya the North and South Pole over the last 20 years show up as clusters.”

6 6 Found meteorites between 1900 & 2000
Click the picture for the zoomable full screen on his website.
credit: Kim Albrecht

Laniakea supercluster of galaxies

Scientist R. Brent Tully and colleagues mapped superclusters of galaxies to show us how tiny little our planet/planetary system is in comparison. “Galaxies congregate in clusters and along filaments, and are missing from large regions referred to as voids. These structures are seen in maps derived from spectroscopic surveys1, 2 that reveal networks of structure that are interconnected with no clear boundaries.”

A video exlains everything:

and if you want to dig deeper, here is the corresponding Nature-Artcile

Brain Art Competition

what? – yes that is real and organized by “The Neuro Bureau” since 2010. The submission deadline is May 28th, just in case you have some stuff to submit. If not, have a look on some beautiful realizations from the past years:

Thin slice through the structural connectome
3deda94f204528e10ed3c73c94ce6775e90fa50ddebc43f69121f51425cf16f4503b52d67153998bfe77162712cde61d45fdf5c29123d380b2dd98bf6bc5a754 Brain Art Competition
credit: Joachim Böttger, Ralph Schurade Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

MEG source connectivity analysis using 3D graph visualization
b861fa4c95e87c31e105bb61b4a246b677bade2ef019d651932be39df491e18814ea36d88635de08aa7f4bda5ac936ccf5fe6428c74d4583c01cb297a5e23426 Brain Art Competition
credit: Sebastien Dery Montreal Neurological Institute

Cerebral Infiltration
11 Brain Art Competition
credit: Sherbrooke Connectivity Imaging Lab (SCIL): Maxime Chamberland, David Fortin, Maxime Descoteaux

Much more on the “The Neuro Bureau” website!