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Rosetta and Philae and Comet 67P

Half a billion kilometers away, a 10 year journey found its end. Its vastly covered, therefore I will only collect the hardfacts and the best output…in any case Kudos! to science, it’s simply science finction in real life.

Intergalatic selfie:
Rosetta mission selfie at comet node full image 2 Rosetta and Philae and Comet 67P

First picture from the surface:
Welcome to a comet node full image 2 Rosetta and Philae and Comet 67P

The Rosetta song:

Through some kind of interaction in the comet’s environment, 67P’s weak magnetic field seems to be oscillating at low frequencies (ESA/Rosetta/NavCam)

All pictures on the website of the European Space Agenc or on Rosettas flickr-account!

Laniakea supercluster of galaxies

Scientist R. Brent Tully and colleagues mapped superclusters of galaxies to show us how tiny little our planet/planetary system is in comparison. “Galaxies congregate in clusters and along filaments, and are missing from large regions referred to as voids. These structures are seen in maps derived from spectroscopic surveys1, 2 that reveal networks of structure that are interconnected with no clear boundaries.”

A video exlains everything:

and if you want to dig deeper, here is the corresponding Nature-Artcile