Brain Art Competition

what? – yes that is real and organized by “The Neuro Bureau” since 2010. The submission deadline is May 28th, just in case you have some stuff to submit. If not, have a look on some beautiful realizations from the past years:

Thin slice through the structural connectome
3deda94f204528e10ed3c73c94ce6775e90fa50ddebc43f69121f51425cf16f4503b52d67153998bfe77162712cde61d45fdf5c29123d380b2dd98bf6bc5a754 Brain Art Competition
credit: Joachim Böttger, Ralph Schurade Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

MEG source connectivity analysis using 3D graph visualization
b861fa4c95e87c31e105bb61b4a246b677bade2ef019d651932be39df491e18814ea36d88635de08aa7f4bda5ac936ccf5fe6428c74d4583c01cb297a5e23426 Brain Art Competition
credit: Sebastien Dery Montreal Neurological Institute

Cerebral Infiltration
11 Brain Art Competition
credit: Sherbrooke Connectivity Imaging Lab (SCIL): Maxime Chamberland, David Fortin, Maxime Descoteaux

Much more on the “The Neuro Bureau” website!

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